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Our firm represents accident victims and their families throughout California. We focus on brain and spinal injuries arising out of accidents and medical malpractice. Our goal is to obtain the maximum compensation for our clients.

The most common question:  Without doubt the most common question we are asked by potential clients is “Do I have a case?”    In negligence claims the you must show that the defendant owed a legal duty of care to you and failed to fulfill it through action or failing to act. And, that the defendant’s conduct caused or contributed to your  injury.  The next step is determining the amount of compensation for the victim.  We will review your facts with you and provide an opinion as to the merits of your case and the value of your case for free. 

Why should I consider using your law firm?

Three things distinguish our firm: the accessibility of the attorney handling the case, our unique approach to case preparation and years of trial experience. 

Accessibility: Call us for a free, no obligation consultation. We understand that one of the most frustrating things for accident and malpractice victims is communicating with their attorney. At our firm clients who have a substantive question talk to the lawyer handling their matter.

Unique Approach: Mr. Gentry begins each personal injury case with the mindset that the case will go trial. Most accident claims settle, but focusing on trial preparation results in better settlements. To win a personal injury trial it is essential that a lawyer develop and convey a simple, plausible theme to the jury. We explain the law applicable to the case in an interesting manner.  We use audio/visual aids to show the jury why the defendants should be held liable in light of the law, why compensation is fair and just and how we arrived at the value.  We educate the jury on the nature of injuries, and help the jury quantify the damages.

Trial Experience: Galen Gentry has been awarded the highest possible rating for legal skill and ethical conduct by both and, the two most popular attorney rating sites in the United States. Galen has 19 years of trial experience in the state and federal courts.

We offer free, no obligation consultations to prospective clients and represent our clients on a contingency fee basis, receiving a percentage of the recovery only if we are successful.

Call for a free consultation or email us at for a copy of our Free White Paper: Colossus The Computer Program That Insurance Companies Use to Keep Settlements Low  provide your contact information in the email body and put ‘Colossus White Paper’ in the heading line.

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