What Is A Trial Lawyer? Isn’t Every Lawyer That Goes To Court A Trial Lawyer?

What is a “trial lawyer?”  While it is true that lawyers who represent clients in court are trial lawyers, journalists and politicians use the phrase to refer to the powerful group of lawyers that pursue mass tort cases like tobacco, drug cases like Vioxx and product liability cases–Toyota being the latest target.  In a recent letter to the Wall Street Journal two “trial lawyers” argue that the government does not have the money or manpower to regulate industries such as pharma, tobacco, automakers, etc. and without trial lawyers consumers would have no redress against big business.

Trial  lawyers journalists and politicians who support big business and believe in laissez faire economic principles consider  trial lawyers a needless drain on the economy.  The anti-trial lawyers argue that most of the cases they bring are without merit.  The California man who claimed his Prius wouldn’t stop has been in the news lately…not for the incident but because new doubts have been raised about the validity of his claims that he couldn’t stop his vehicle.

What does this have to do with you?

We help individuals and families.  We represent injured victims of auto accidents, motorcycle accidents and medical malpractice.  We are trial lawyers, but not mass tort or product liability lawyers.  We never lose sight of the fact that we work for people.  We do what is necessary to achieve the desired result, and nothing that is not.  We keep our clients informed of the status of their matter and substantive questions are answered by the lawyer in charge, not support staff. We offer free consultations to prospective clients andaccept cases on contigency which means you don’t pay if you don’t recover.

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