5 Reasons The Jury Hates Your Lawyer

 Most lawyers,even experienced ones,  are terrible trial lawyers.  Terrible.  With a capital T that rhymes with LOSE.  Here is list of common problems.

1. Using big words–any legal terminology,scientific mumbo-jumbo,or multi-syllabic jargon–is never a good idea.  One can and should use clear,concise language to express even complicated ideas.

2.  Making the same point over and over.  [...]

What Is A Trial Lawyer? Isn’t Every Lawyer That Goes To Court A Trial Lawyer?

What is a “trial lawyer?”  While it is true that lawyers who represent clients in court are trial lawyers, journalists and politicians use the phrase to refer to the powerful group of lawyers that pursue mass tort cases like tobacco, drug cases like Vioxx and product liability cases–Toyota being the latest target.  In a recent [...]