Motorcyclist Who Rear Ended Van Receives $187,000.00 From Jury

Defendant motorist suddenly pulls into carpool lane to avoid collision with vehicle in front of him; cuts off motorcyclist in the carpool lane, who then rear ends defendant.  Defendant claims comparative fault by plaintiff, contests injuries, makes low offer to settle the case.  The jury found the defendant 100 percent at fault and awarded $187,000 [...]

Man Receives Large Jury Verdict After Personal Trainer Drops Weight On His Face

In a recent jury trial a man was awarded  $892,650 in damages after a personal trainer at 24 Hour Fitness dropped a 145 lb Barbell on his face.

The plaintiff sued the trainer and the gym–24 Hour Fitness.  24 Hour Fitness moved for summary judgment on the grounds that the plaintiff, Assaf Blecher, had signed a  liability [...]

Man Killed By Train Liable For Injuries From Flying Body Parts

Wrongful Death Case Takes Twist As Victim Liable For Personal Injuries Caused By His Flying Body Parts

In an unusual personal injury case arising from a train accident, the estate of man who was dismembered by a train is liable for the injuries to another person who was struck by a part of his body [...]

Bear kills 11 year old boy during camping trip

Government Failed To Warn Campers Even After Receiving Reports of Aggressive Bear In Area

The family of  a boy killed by a  bear has been awarded $1.95M for wrongful death against the U.S. Forest Service.  On June 17, 2007, the boy Samuel Ives, 11, was camping with his mother, brother and stepfather at a remote [...]

California Passes Law for Expedited Jury Trials–It Will Never Work

On January 1, 2011 the Expedited Jury Trials Act goes into effect. It is an attempt by the legislature to shorten the trial process in cases with modest values and it’s really directed at limited jurisdiction personal injury cases that make up a large percentage of civil trials. The act establishes procedures for conducting expedited jury trials, including provisions for a [...]

Accident Claimants Should Make Sure Their Attorneys Reimburse Medicare If Necessary

A Medicare beneficiary who is treated for injuries and then sues to collect compensation is required by Federal law to notify Medicare of the claim. When the claim is settled the plaintiff must reimburse any payments made by Medicare for treatment of the injuries involved in the claim. Make sure your attorney complies with the [...]

Tips For Accident Victims Who Are Being Deposed

The deposition of the plaintiff, the accident victim, is an important event in a personal injury suit.  Don’t wing it.  Be prepared.  Here are a few tips gleaned from Leonard Bucklin’s Trial Notebook. 

Slow down — listen to the question. Pay full attention to the question. Answer the actual question, and stop. Talk with confidence. [...]

Military Plans to Test Hyperbaric Therapy For Traumatic Brain Injury

According to an article in the Washinton Post the U.S. military plans clinical trials next year to see whether breathing pure oxygen in a pressurized chamber might help thousands of Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans suffering from traumatic brain injuries.

About 300 service members with mild to moderate traumatic brain injury will undergo hyperbaric oxygen [...]