The Seven Types of Brain Injuries Most Commonly Associated With Negligence And Malpractice Lawsuits

There are many types of brain injuries; however, the injuries which are most commonly the focus of negligence lawsuits are the following:

1) A penetrating brain injury — a tearing of the brain from a skull fracture for example, or a gun shot wound. These injuries cause ruptures of large blood vessels with bleeding into the [...]

Blood Test For Brain Injury?

As you know from previous posts the U.S. Army and the N.F.L. have been in the news for their respective advances in traumatic brain injury diagnosis, treatment and prevention.  A new article in Discover talks about a potential blood test for brain injuries.  The test has not been perfected, but if it is it would [...]

Military Plans to Test Hyperbaric Therapy For Traumatic Brain Injury

According to an article in the Washinton Post the U.S. military plans clinical trials next year to see whether breathing pure oxygen in a pressurized chamber might help thousands of Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans suffering from traumatic brain injuries.

About 300 service members with mild to moderate traumatic brain injury will undergo hyperbaric oxygen [...]