Jury Awards Family Of Trespasser Shot By Homeowner 1.2 Million Dollars In Wrongful Death Trial

A Long Beach man was killed by a homeowner climbed over the wall of Hampton’s home, ran over the roof and jumped down into the front yard. As decedent and his brother entered the homeowner’s  front yard, she shot the decedent who died.  Plaintiffs’ counsel argued that based on the trajectory of the gunshot, determined by the entry and exit wounds, the decedent was not facing the homeowner and posed no threat to her as he ran through her front yard.  The defendant claimed the decedent was running toward her and she felt threatened.

The jury found that the homeowner was negligent, and awarded $1,363,000 in total damages, including $813,000 in wrongful death damages to the decedent’s mother and $550,000 in emotional distress damages to the decedent’s brother. However, the jury also found that the brother was found 15 percent at fault for the shooting in that he and the decedent were trespassing. Thus, his $550,000 award was reduced to $467,500, based on his comparative fault, resulting in a total net recovery of $1,280,500.

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